Thursday, 22 August 2013


Or Day Lily. I'm quite fond of day lilies although some don't go on for very long others seem to grow into big clumps with many flowering stems.

Day lily painting watercolour
'American Revolution' watercolour

This one hasn't grown up to be clump yet but it's getting there. Now I thought it was called 'Chicago Blackout' but then I found a label, in a rare bout of tidying up, from an 'American Revolution' so now I'm thinking that's what it is, because I haven't got another dark red one.

You may think this painting is looking rather messy and that's because I used diluted gum arabic in the process with lots of spraying, squirting, blotting and lifting out. It's given some texture to it though.


Friday, 9 August 2013

Clematis and Currants

It's a while ago I picked these to paint and they're shrivelling nicely on the studio windowsill now! I did pick lots more that day too and made two jars of redcurrant jelly.

When I'd painted those I thought I'd paint some of my clematis too. Well 'Prince Charles' was the one in question and it's a lovely pale mauvey blue and very delicate. I have since been trying various colours and ways of doing it without much success. Most of my trials have been on the back of watercolour paper that I'd already ruined the front of! Anyway I only like certain parts of the trials so I cut them up and here they are.

The mixture I ended up with was phthalo turquoise and permanent magenta and a very watery wash at that to begin with. The lovely bits of light here and there in the green is cadmium lemon yellow which is rather fun when you just drop blobs here and there.

I've been watching various youtube videos and have discovered quite a few interesting watercolourists. Among them are Joseph Zbukvic's whose work is absolutely beautiful and then there's Jean Haines whose work is very different but lovely, loose and flowing. She also has a blog and books.

Next I'm going to try a day lily and it's a beautiful dark red. No more whispy blues for a while me thinks.