Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Something Cheery for a Foggy November

                              Suffolk Hay Bales    Acrylic on board 28"x24"

Hello Peoples

I have a new follower after all this time. How nice and welcome!

I'm not sure if this is finished but I'd thought I'd post it as it reminds us of heat and sun which we occasionally get in an English summer. I'm indebted to Su  (her lovely blog is su-livingontheedge.blogspot.com)  for this one as one day last summer she very kindly turned the car around and parked up a leafy lane in order for me to take a photo. So thank you, Su.

Looking at this painting as I write this post and being able to see it much smaller in front of me (rather than on the end of my nose in the studio), I think that I'll have to adjust the ratio of pink and orange on the biggest bale as it's almost 50/50. Just a thought . . .