Friday, 13 August 2010

Embracing My Romanticism (briefly!)

I haven't been here for ages I know. Ah, but I've not been idle!

                          Rose Arch (oil on canvas- 16"x 20")

I've been skipping down the leafy lane of textile art! That is I've ironed garden fleece, painted it, blasted it it with hot air, melted cellophane, painted that, free motioned (machine- drop the feed dogs stuff) and embroidered different fabrics. I've wet felted, dry felted and broken all the needles in one go on my little needle punch gadget. All in all I've had a lot of fun but in between I've still not drifted from my beloved oil paint.

As May took a bow and June made her entrance my beautiful roses whispered gently to please be painted. Briefly embracing my romanticism I gladly obliged and I'm glad I did because as I was playing with colours, as I've done so for so many years trying to find a good combination, I happened upon my now colour palette. Instead of putting out a blob of every colour I own I now have a select few to place exactly in the same position on my palette. "How very ordered of you," I hear you say. Yes indeed and I fondly call them my 'heart colours'!