Friday, 10 December 2010

Printing on Fabric

This is my printed (upside down -I couldn't be bothered to go back to Pshop and turn it around!) fabric of the rose I painted digitally in PainterX. The fabric is a plain cotton and I gave it a good covering of Golden Digital Ground (white matte). I did tape it on 3 sides to a piece of plain A4 paper so it would feed nicely through the printer. It printed well - quite crisp and because of the base it is washable. I initially printed one without any ground and that also printed quite well but got a little creased and a few inky black bits. It also washed straight out so on the remaining roses from the piece I coated first the back and then the front with fabric medium to seal the ink in. When this was dry I ironed it on both sides. When I did my washing test it seemed to work fine! It also has a softer hand (feel) than the one with the digital ground.

Having done it I wondered what I should then do with it/them? To find out you'll have to go to my other blog  LaziDazi!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Digital Painting

There is something about snowy, cold days that makes me feel sort of homey, if you know what I mean. I feel   blessed and very grateful to be warm and have such a wealth of materials to work with, as the mood takes me. This particular media happens to be virtual! I've been playing in Corel Painter X (it's X1 now) with pastels.
The idea is too see if I can print it out on to fabric and then work something textile/stitchy on it.

I think that will have to wait until tomorrow now as it will mean a lot of fiddling with glue and such.

I'll let you know what happens and it might turn up on my other blog  Lazi Dazi . Then again it might not work so in that case it won't!

Stay warm, cosy and rosy.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Something Cheery for a Foggy November

                              Suffolk Hay Bales    Acrylic on board 28"x24"

Hello Peoples

I have a new follower after all this time. How nice and welcome!

I'm not sure if this is finished but I'd thought I'd post it as it reminds us of heat and sun which we occasionally get in an English summer. I'm indebted to Su  (her lovely blog is  for this one as one day last summer she very kindly turned the car around and parked up a leafy lane in order for me to take a photo. So thank you, Su.

Looking at this painting as I write this post and being able to see it much smaller in front of me (rather than on the end of my nose in the studio), I think that I'll have to adjust the ratio of pink and orange on the biggest bale as it's almost 50/50. Just a thought . . .

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Funny How Things Change

Lately I've been fiddling around with fabrics and threads. I've even done a bit of felting too.

It seems my love of texture has now been expanded to include all these lovely goodies. As for materials I thought I had everything one could ever need for mixed media work and then I realised how wrong I was, especially after visiting The Knitting and Stitching Show a couple of weeks ago. I bought shiny silks, embroidery threads, wonderful Wensleydale curls and wool tops. I bought feathered yarn and Lutrador and microwave dyes!

I haven't done a 'painting' for weeks and I'm now thinking of a different blog to encompass my latest love.

I'll let you know when it's ready although you never know, it may be just a fling, just a fleeting infatuation! Somehow I don't think so. Funny how things change!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Textile Art - My First Piece - Secrets of the Sea

Secrets of the Sea   24cm x16cm

I find textiles quite compelling these days. 

You need to look a bit closer and then I'll tell you what I did. (click on image)

For this piece I painted layers of garden fleece and ironed it in between baking parchment. The edges have been shaped with a soldering iron too. I added silk organza and then a mussel shell previously covered in gold leaf and a little 'secret' of threads was encapsulated (using running stitch) inside a 'bubble' (heated blasted) of polyester organza.
The whole thing was then free motion machined on to painted pelmet vilene. To finish I added a few seed stitches,  loose threads and beads. The organza hiding the shell was pierced with a soldering iron to reveal the sparkle of the threads inside!

Phew! Well there we are. I think I'm hooked.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Embracing My Romanticism (briefly!)

I haven't been here for ages I know. Ah, but I've not been idle!

                          Rose Arch (oil on canvas- 16"x 20")

I've been skipping down the leafy lane of textile art! That is I've ironed garden fleece, painted it, blasted it it with hot air, melted cellophane, painted that, free motioned (machine- drop the feed dogs stuff) and embroidered different fabrics. I've wet felted, dry felted and broken all the needles in one go on my little needle punch gadget. All in all I've had a lot of fun but in between I've still not drifted from my beloved oil paint.

As May took a bow and June made her entrance my beautiful roses whispered gently to please be painted. Briefly embracing my romanticism I gladly obliged and I'm glad I did because as I was playing with colours, as I've done so for so many years trying to find a good combination, I happened upon my now colour palette. Instead of putting out a blob of every colour I own I now have a select few to place exactly in the same position on my palette. "How very ordered of you," I hear you say. Yes indeed and I fondly call them my 'heart colours'!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Few I Did Earlier

White House, White Moon 22"x 18" acrylic on paper

  Monet's Bridge 23"x18" acrylic on paper                  

Three Tulips 11"x15" acrylic on paper

These paintings were worked incorporating my own printing blocks which I make specifically for each painting. 

Have lost my way a little lately and have wandered into a whole new world of textile art! There's a mind boggling array of materials and techniques to get to grips with. Of course the paint is there too lurking in the background with threads, wools, free motion machine embroidery and all sorts on top. I've only been experimenting so far but you might get to see some. That is if I don't get bored first which I'm prone to do!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Appointment in Venice

                                Appointment in Venice      
                         22"x16" acrylic on watercolour paper

Well I told you it would be very different! I might put it away and let it cook for a bit.
I've been busy on The Treasure Tree doing SEO- challenging but interesting! Also I'm building another fine art website for all my paintings.

Oh and I've wandered back to oils and that's on my easel at the moment.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Appointment in Venice- Step 1

                         First things first- the bare bones.   Step 1

This is a start for my next painting. Using runny acrylics rather like you would use watercolours I have blocked in my colours and tones. There is already a strong tonal (lights and darks) pattern which will act as a plan for me. I will go in refining shapes but keep to my plan of tones with little variations here and there.

I'm using 140lb not watercolour paper.

There are some gorgeous colours here- burnt orange, quinacridone magenta, ochre, cobalt violet. The deep reds compliment the greens and the cobalt violet the yellow ochres.

My next thing to do will be to make some printing blocks. Venice abounds with wonderful shapes so I'll have lots to choose from. I'll be doing some arches and railings, foliage for the walls and the gondolier of course. I might just paint him though.

The finished painting will look quite different to this!

Friday, 15 January 2010

A Time to Paint

Well Christmas has come and gone and 2010 has poked its head above the snow and somewhere along the line I have tired of the impasto oils I was so enraptured by before!

I'd started another oil of a garden and just found myself becoming bored, very quickly. Since then I have ventured back to acrylics and discovered that texture, of which I am so fond, can equally be portrayed by pattern.

In the image from the previous post parts of the painting have been rendered using my own personal 'stamps' or printing blocks. These I have made from dense foam by drawing into it (melting it) with a stencilling iron.

Each painting has some unique symbols which I make specifically and possibly others I have already made and can be used often.

I have done a few but they are not photographed yet. I'll put some up soon so you can see what I'm talking about.

We are surrounded by patterns! Did you notice the fabulous patterns in the snow before it became slush? Even some tyre tracks were things of beauty!