Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Leucojum In Situ and Helleborus Orientalis

Middle of March already and what glorious weather we've had here in Suffolk. I thought I'd paint this leucojum in situ as in some respects it's easier than doing a study of the plant. I do love it with the little white flowers shining out like stars on crisp, cold night. I used a bit of masking fluid for the flowers. It comes in handy sometimes for such things that would be very difficult to paint around. In can be a pig to get off and can tear the paper if left on too long. It also leaves a very hard line but I wouldn't be without it for special occasions.

This is a beautiful hellebore that a dear friend gave me as a seedling many years ago it is now blooming wonderfully in the herb garden.

The background I had to paint rather dark so the petals would sing out from it. I also dropped a little sea salt into the damp washes to add some texture and interest.

I'm so happy to tell you that I have, after many longing years, a greenhouse! A beautiful greenhouse that I shall probably be putting into a painting very soon.

Happy Spring, everyone. X


Monday, 16 December 2013

The Holly and The Ivy........Oh and The Roses!


I have quite a lot of ivy covering fences but the holly I was only just in time to pick some with berries on before the birds ate every single one of them! The holly tree is my miracle tree too as I've been growing it for about 15 yrs without a single berry and then a couple of years ago I was wandering around the garden talking to myself and the plants (as one does) and said to it, "I want berries on you!". Low and behold the next winter it was covered. Both I and the birds are very grateful indeed. The power of words....


A little reminder of summer roses on a dark, wet, December day.

Merry Christmas and God bless us one and all!


Monday, 28 October 2013

Chinese Lantern, Malva, Hypericum and Swiss Chard

Every season has it's joys and Autumn has it's bright earthy colours, rich grassy smells and sometimes wild weather. This morning we had the gale that was forecast unlike the 1987 one which took everyone by surprise. Hardly any damage here in the garden I'm happy to say. Though I will have to cut down the kerria japonica which is somewhat leaning.

Chinese lantern watercolour
Chinese Lantern

Here are a few plants I've had a go at painting and some were easier than others. The Swiss chard proved rather difficult to capture. Here's a practice sheet I did with a few different ways of working. None of them really worked so I even resorted to masking out the stalk with masking fluid or liquid frisket.

Swiss chard watercolour

(The tissue was for lifting out colour in case you thought I'd been blowing my nose!)

This was ok until I did the stalk and then, no, it still wasn't right so I just painted another one straight. I'm not happy with this one either but never mind.


Next was a malva which I had to look up because I couldn't remember what type it was and it's Malva Parkfieden. A very pretty apricot colour and the plant reaches to about 5ft rather like a hollyhock.

Malva watercolour

Hypericum are always pretty with their berries changing from orange red to black.

Hypericum watercolour

I had fun with these and I've discovered rather a nice yellow from Daniel Smith which when dropped into wet colour it disperses it and creates an interesting effect. Nickel Azo Yellow.

Dropped into Winsor green and Burnt sienna.

Dropped into Quinacridone red and permanent magenta.

Until next time, happy painting/creating :)